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    InoConnect – International partnerships and networking

    Science and Technology Park of Institute of Physics started a project „Partner searching at European Enterprise Network events for international scientific research & experimental development and innovation initiatives for the creation of photonic technologies and their application in various fields (PHOTONNECT)“ (No. 01.2.1-LVPA-T-844) with partial funding of the Republic of Lithuania and EU Structural Funds („InoConnect“).

    Means: „InoConnect“

    Implementation period: 2017  May – 2018 October

    The aim of the project: To develop international partnerships and networking through the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) in search of opportunities to participate in international scientific research & experimental development and innovation (R & D) initiatives.

    It is expected to find partners for participation in a specific one or multi European Union R & D  initiatives programs (Cosme, SME Intrument, Horizon2020, Eureka, Eurostars, etc.)  through the participation in events of international R & D activities initiatives.Information about these events is provided by the European Enterprise Network organizations.Whereas successful participation in a specific international R & D initiative depends not only on the potential and objectives of one organization, but also on the potential and objectives of the  project partners, so the search for opportunities to develop R & D at the international level won’t be limited by one European Union R & D  program , but all efforts will be made to exploit all initiatives that encourage or not restrict project initiatives to develop R & D projects related to laser microprocessing processes, equipment and technologies, the use of photonic technology in medicine and other areas.
    It is expected that it will be possible to sign agreements with international partners, binding the Science and Technology Park of the Institute of Physics and international partners jointly submit applications for implementation of international initiatives / programs in the field of R & D through active participation in these events.