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    LASER-GO: Creating and Developing the Strategic Cluster Partnership in Photonics for Health, COS-CLUSTER-2014-3-03


    Laser & Engineering Technologies cluster (LITEK), which is administrated by Science and Technology Park of Institute of Physics, have launched project „Creating and Developing the Strategic Cluster Partnership in Photonics for Health (LASER-GO)” at the beginning of 2016 with partners from France and Austria (Grant Agreement No: 688904).

    Implementation period: January, 2016 – June, 2017.

    The project aims to increase Europe’s innovation potential and the export-driven growth by connecting three regions situated at important crossroads in Europe by leveraging the competitive strengths of three clusters active in the areas of smart specialization.

    Project partners: Laser & Engineering Technologies cluster (LITEK) – the major high-tech cluster in Lithuania with a focus on optoelectronics and laser technologies; OpticsValley (OV) – the largest cluster in France specialized in optics, photonics, electronics and software and HumanTechnology Styria (HTS) – the major cluster in Austria specialized in life sciences and health technologies.  These three clusters propose to create and develop a Strategic Cluster Partnership of Photonics for Health.

    Cluster LITEK is the coordinator of the project responsible for the implementation of the project and preparation of the establishment of the Strategic Partnership in Photonics for Health, involving three more complimentary clusters, aiming to identify and explore new market opportunities for cluster companies in third countries.

     Source: https://ec.europa.eu

    Lazerinių ir inžinerinių technologijų klasteris Optics Valley  Human Technology Styria