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    Creation of LITEK Training and research center


    Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania and Lithuania Business Support Agency (LBSA) has signed an agreement with Science and Technology Park of Institute of Physics on aid for the project “The Creation of Infrastructure of Training and Research Center of Laser & Engineering Technologies cluster”, according to the Economic Growth Action Plan Priority No. 1 “For competitiveness and economic growth of research and technological development” Inoklaster LT +, on 25th October, 2011

    Laser technology is highly prioritized in the most of highly developed countries in the field of research and innovation. Engineering industry created 3.7% of Lithuanian GDP and exported 60% of production in 2008, yet it faces the problem of low manufacturing productivity. Lasers and laser technologies are becoming highly important in the process of Lithuanian engineering industry modernization. When the project will be implemented, i.e. when the necessary infrastructure will be created, members of the cluster will be able to create innovations of wider scale, which would provide a solid basis to achieve global competitiveness. In order of implementing plans established by state, laser technology sector needs to join forces of business and science and to direct large investments, consequently the applicant joined following companies into a cluster: JSC “Arginta”, JSC “Eksma”, JSC “Ekspla”, Elas,Ltd., JSC “Optida”, JSC “Optonas”, JSC “Optolita”, JSC “Progressive Business Sulutions”, Public entity ”Intechcentras” and Centrer for Physical Sciences and Technology. These companies, working on the basis of Joint Venture, will participate in an implementation of the project.

    Means: Inoklaster LT+
    Project number: VP2-1.4-ŪM-02-K-01-003
    Full value of the project: 2 543 782 EUR
    Implementation periods: from 2011-11-02 to 2014-10-30

    Main activities in the Cluster’s Training and research center’s infrastructure will be related to the creation and manufacturing of laser equipment. Target doctorate studies and trainings, for an education of necessary competences are also planned in an infrastructure of training and research, which would facilitate the companies to develop and implement their innovative ideas and to force the international competitiveness and the growth of added value created by those companies.

    The goal of this project is creating an appropriate infrastructure, enabling the successful development of laser and engineering technologies sector, as well as the training of qualified specialists, who will be necessary in expansion of laser and light technology and engineering industry fields.

    „Science and Technology Park of Institute of Physicsis“ is the administrator of this project and a cluster LITEK.

    Participats of this project – JSC “Arginta”, JSC “Eksma”, JSC “Ekspla”, Elas,Ltd., JSC “Optida”, JSC “Optonas”, JSC “Optolita”, JSC “Progressive Business Sulutions”, Public entity ”Intechcentras” and Centrer for Physical Sciences and Technology


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