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    Reinforcement of international competitiveness of LITEK


    Currently Lithuanian laser industry is mostly oriented into the manufacturing of research equipment. However, in order to enlarge turnovers of Lithuanian laser and engineering technology companies and to maintain the competitiveness in the international laser market, it’s necessary to be more oriented into other uses and markets of laser technologies. For these reasons, it’s necessary to study new markets and the needs of potential clients, to adapt successfully the management of companies as well as manufacturing processes to the changing market situation. Also, to pursue actively the marketing of products and to spread the information about possibilities of Laser and engineering technology cluster.

    Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania and Lithuania Business Support Agency (LBSA) has signed an agreement with Science and Technology Park of Institute of Physics on aid for the project “Reinforcement of international competitiveness of LITEK”, according to the Economic Growth Action Plan Priority No. 1 “For competitiveness and economic growth of research and technological development” Inoklaster LT , on 20th March, 2012.

    Means: Inoklaster LT
    Project number: VP2-1.4-ŪM-01-K-01-017,
    Full value of the project: 504 339 EUR
    Implementation period: from 2012-03-12 to 2014-09-11

    In the project “Reinforcement of international competitiveness of LITEK” such activities are planned: presenting cluster and its products during international expositions (15 expositions) and other events, market studies and trainings. For a wider spread of information, cluster’s website will be created and informational booklets about the cluster will be published, also catalogues advertising cluster’s products will be published. It is expected, that during the implementation of the project at least 2 new members will be attracted. During the period of project implementation market studies will be conducted, firstly orienting on potential market of China for cluster’s production. Given that cluster is a quite new formation, in order to create and manufacture new products together and to achieve required synergic effect mutual efforts of companies’ employees are required, therefore 2 training programs will be organized. It is expected that in 3 years after an implementation of the project growth of the overall export of cluster’s companies will reach 67%, and the turnover will grow more than 50 %.