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    • Development and application of laser micro-processing technologies.
    • Chemical analysis in solutions and other objects
    • Electrodeposition of metals.
    • Evaluation of dimensionally stable electrodes and their application possibilities.
    • Testing of product compliance with RoHS requirements, determination of quantities of hazardous elements by X-ray florescence spectroscopy.
    • Examination of surface morphology, local elemental composition of solid state materials with the scanning electron microscope and by microprobe analysis.
    • Evaluation of corrosion resistance of materials in accredited Corrosion testing laboratory.
    • Expertise in corrosion damage of products and objects; Metallization of plastics and dielectrics.
    • Cutting, polishing, cross-sectioning of solid material samples using special equipment and examination the prepared samples with optical and scanning electron microscopes.
    • Custom synthesis of organic compounds.
    • Anodizing and coloring of aluminum and Al alloys.
    • Air filter material testing.
    • Formation and characterization of porous silicon oxide layers.
    • Calibration of platinum resistance thermometers; Design and implementation of methods for measurement of time and frequency.
    • Various optical coatings and development services for optical components according to customer requirements.
    • Preliminary evaluation of automotive and industrial lubricant technologies, friction and wear problems, solution of technological problems.
    • Determination of radionuclide activity concentration in various samples. Assurance of safe operation of the nuclear facilities and objects.
    • Development and application of systems for detection, featuring and identification of surrounding gases, mixtures of volatile compounds and odours.

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