Research center

The founder and shareholder of the STPIP is the largest research institution in Lithuania - the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC)

The Research Center carries out unique research work in the fields of laser technology, optoelectronics, nuclear physics, organic chemistry, bio and nanotechnology, electrochemical materials science, functional materials, electronics, and other scientific fields. As a result not only high-tech science research but also modern technologies are being developed here that benefits industry and society.

FTMC was founded in 2010 after reorganizing institutes of chemistry, physics and semiconductor physics in Vilnius and textile institute in Kaunas. The institution connecting different branches of science has become one of the leading educational institutions in the country in a few years.

Main activities of FTMC – to carry out fundamental and applied research and experimental development work on physics, chemistry, and technology that are important for the state, society, and business.

Not only important research and development work is carried out in FTMC, but also doctoral studies, post-doctoral internships are organized here, researchers are able to independently carry out high-level research and solve scientific problems.Research works, methodological and other assistance, expert examinations, scientific advice there are also provided for business.FTMC disseminates scientific knowledge to the public, contributes to the creation of an innovation-based economy and the development of the knowledge society.

FTMC brings together the best scientists from the country, modern laboratory equipment is placed here, so most of the research carried out here is unique not only in Lithuania, but also in the world, and the technologies developed and the scientific results achieved are known internationally. The FTMC employs more than 500 researchers and has 60 doctoral students. Over the year, FTMC carries out more than 1,500 industry orders for more than three hundred companies from Lithuania and the world.

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