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    About Park

    Public entity “Science and Technology Park of Institute of Physics” (STP) is a non-profit organization active in the fields of physical and technology sciences, innovations, knowledge society, scientific research as well as collaboration of science, studies and business. Implementation of research results and promotion of cooperation between science and industry are main activities of STP. It is located in a strategic place in Vilnius which is the capital of Lithuania where financial and industrial potential is concentrated. Contemporary research infrastructure, many years of experience and attractive research prices are the main reasons why we are preferable to Lithuanian and European partners.


    The objective of the park is to provide assistance for enterprises, working in the fields of applied research and experimental development, commercialize results of scientific research carried out by science and studies institutions, and stimulate integration of business, science and studies in the fields of physical and technological sciences, thus promoting export stimulation, increase of competitiveness of the country and induce the growth of knowledge-based economy.


    The park can perform functions of technological business incubation in its activity fields – lease premises to incubated enterprises under favorable conditions and render services of business management, information, consultations, qualification training, accounting, etc. The park takes part in the development of scientific research centers and other open access scientific research and technological development infrastructure.