Strengthening of LITEK Synergy

Strengthening of LITEK Synergy


Public institution Science and Technology Park of Institute of Physics (coordinator of Laser and Engineering Technologies Cluster LITEK) and Public institution Lithuanian Business Support Agency (LBSA) has signed an agreement on aid for the project “Strengthening of LITEK Synergy”, according to the Economic Growth Action Plan Priority No. 1 “For competitiveness and economic growth of research and technological development” Inoklaster LT  on 2nd January, 2017.The project is funded by the Republic of Lithuania and the European Regional Development Fund.

Means: Inoklaster LT
Full value of the project: 124 335,33 Eur
EU funding for the project: 62 167,67 Eur
Implementation period: 2017 m. January – 2019 m. January

The aim of the project – to strengthen cooperation between cluster members in research and development (R&D) and innovation activities.It will be organized consultations and other business supporting services in order to create joint solutions for R&D activities related issues, generate new ideas and to raise awareness of LITEK cluster. Coordinator of cluster plans to actively participate in the activities of cluster members, advise, strengthen cooperation between members for joint R&D activities, that will strengthen cluster and increase awareness and visibility, by  attracting new members expand the cluster.

The benefit of the project – it is expected that all these measures will contribute to the strengthening of LITEK: greater commercialization of the research results of the cluster members and raising public awareness of their activities and achievements.