Innovation consulting and support services for business – InoSpurtas

Innovation consulting and support services for business – InoSpurtas


“Science and Technology Park of Institute of Physics” together with partners Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA), Lithuanian innovation center (LIC), science and technology parks and business associate structures started to implement the project “Innovation consulting and support services for business (InoSpurtas)” , which will provide innovation consultancy and support services for Lithuanian business.

Project value: 3,815,791.31Eur.
Project implementation period: March, 2017- March, 2020 (36 months)
Project coordinator: Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology

The aim of the project is to increase the innovativeness of companies and encourage them to develop R&D activities more actively by providing innovation consultancy and innovation support services to companies.

Project tasks:

1. Promote the implementation of R&D activities, innovative entrepreneurship, participation in international R&D programs;
2. Develop demand for innovation by promoting pre-commercial procurement;
3. Enhance the potential to provide high-quality innovation consultancy and support services.

In order to increase the competitiveness of economic entities, it is necessary to promote business investments into research and experimental development and innovation (R&D) activities. Lithuanian companies lack the knowledge needed for effective R&D activities in the whole innovation cycle – from the concept of product development to its delivery to the market. In order to address this problem, innovation advisory and support services are provided during the implementation of the project to economic entities carrying out or intending to carry out activities according to the priority directions of research and experimental (social, cultural) development and innovation (smart specialization). This encourages companies to develop their R&D activities more actively and contribute to their innovation and competitiveness.

The content of the consultations provided during the project InoSpurtas will include various activities: initiation of R&D activities, accounting and documentation, statistical declaration of R&D expenditures, financing opportunities for R&D projects, audit performance, application of profit tax benefits, etc. As experience in these areas shows, business leaders, accountants and managers today have a lot of lack of knowledge, well-designed methodologies, and finally, an incentive to engage in R&D. Professionally trained consultants could fill this niche and would be much needed for innovative business. These services will be provided by employees of science and technology parks located in Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipėda, as well as having long experience, employees of Lithuanian innovation center and Agency of Science, Innovation and Technology. Three important confederations in Lithuania: Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, Lithuanian Employers’ Confederation and Lithuanian Business Confederation were eager to join the initiative. The role of these confederations will have a strong voice in stimulating business to engage in innovative activities, to increase R&D investment and to develop long-term business-science partnerships.

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