INOGEB LT-3 “Technology and Science for Innovative Business”

INOGEB LT-3 “Technology and Science for Innovative Business”


Science and Technology Park of Institute of Physics started to implement the project “Technology and Science for Innovative Business” (project No. VP2-1.4-ŪM-05-V-1701-001), funded by the Structural Funds of the Republic of Lithuania and the EU according to “InoGeb LT-3” mean.

Project implementation period: 2012 March. – 2014 March.

The value of the project is approximately 6.2 million litas.

PROJECT OBJECTIVES – strengthen business and science collaboration capacity for technology transfer, technology transfer and knowledge commercialization system, increase business and science participation in R&D and innovation programs, create new technology companies, to place on the market new technologies, products and services, improve Innovation Union scoreboard indicators (increase the number of SME entities investing in R&D, increase the number of SME entities innovating with their own resources, increase the number of international patents), which will improve Lithuania’s image as an attractive investment country.

FIMTP provided 100 consultations for companies, organized two technology events and also three start-ups were set up during the implementation of the project.

PARTICIPANTS OF THE PROJECT – Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA), Public entity „Sunrise Valley“, Public entity „Visoriai Information Technology Park“, Public entity „Northtown Technology Park“, Public entity „Klaipėda science and technology park“, Public entity „Lithuanian Innovation Center“, Public entity „KTU Regional Science Park ”.